Do I run any risks by submitting these documents and why are they so important?

Do I run any risks by submitting these documents and why are they so important?

You are not under any risk. Their presentation is imperative and important since it is the only way to check and verify the quality of the clients funds or assets. In this business the investor always has to take the first step by providing the required documentation to avoid falling into the”soliciting” rules.

The POF (Proof of Funds) will be issued by the Bank where the investor has the resources deposited, demonstrating their quality and amount, but does not enable ANYONE to move them or dispose of them.

What procedure should I follow to deliver these documents?

Once all the required documentation is submitted (SET Compliance + bank Documentation), we proceed to verify the funds/assets the client brings and to the subsequent Düe Diligence (clients under study for acceptance).

Once these preliminary investigations are successfully completed, within 48-72 hs. the Program Manager will contact the client for a formal presentation and also to agree on how to block the funds. Then, the investor will receive a pre-contract to be signed and later sent to the Traders office. Then, it will be the Trader in person who will contact the client.

How and when do I collect my interests or profits?

Yields are collected weekly at the bank designated by the Trader. Ever since the collection of the first profit, this capital will be completely available for the client.

Can I partially or totally remove the invested amount?

The invested capital will remain locked for the length of the program.