Should I deliver or transfer my funds to the Trader?

How come so few investors know about these programs? Are they new?

These programs are not publicly known, and only a very small group of investors that own funds or Bank Instruments may have access to them -solely and exclusively by invitation-. They are not new, they are more than 55 years old.

Are they safe?

The Private Placement Programs imply no risk for the investor. The purchase/sale of MTNs is “risk-free” provided that the Trader is guaranteed the exit to the instrument that was previously acquired. If we are dealing with a real Trader, such exit will be guaranteed by contract and therefore there wont be any risks for the investor. Before the start of the program, the Trader will “prepare” such program planning the future purchases and sales and knowing beforehand the benefits that each of them will bring. In a second phase the program will be run, which means nothing but carrying out the purchases/sales that were previously planned and negotiated with the cut houses.

Should I deliver or transfer my funds to the Trader?

In any case. The funds will always remain on the investors account. To carry out the program it will only be necessary to lock them. The investor must choose one of two available locking options: Swift MT-760 or the allocation of the Trader on the account. This blocking will remain for the length of the program.